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Wiregrass Haunts

Join Stan Fikes and Teresa Jenkins Fikes February 20th at 7 pm central 8pm eastern as they welcome Jay Lynch and Teresa Lynch from Z talk radio, and they are also Paranormal Investigators click the link below and join us in the chatroom.

Welcome to Wiregrass Haunts Radio Show!

It is a local Internet radio show covering paranormal activities and sightings in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. There will be live radio shows and on location shows at many places in the Wiregrass Area. The Wiregrass Haunts Radio Show will bring you news, stories, and guest on the topics of Paranormal, Spiritual, Supernatural and the Unexplained.

Live on the WEBB Radio Network

Now airing on Thursday night 7:00 pm-9:00 pm CST on the WEBB Radio Network with Stan Fikes a well-seasoned radio personality.  Wiregrass Haunts is very proud to be associated with the WEBB Radio Network. While keeping the nationwide fan base, we are looking to build a deep-rooted connection to this community by which we would like to extend an invitation to you.

So stay tuned!

Wiregrass Haunts radio show, with your hosts Stan Fikes and Teresa Fikes, Listen As we enter into the world of the paranormal and discuss Paranormal activity, Ghost, UFO's Bigfoot, Demons and anything related. we will have guests and also will be going on location to some of the souths most haunted places. come join the fun