Journey with Gavin and Paula Kelly into the Unknown

Gavin and Paula Kelly have had many accomplishments during his career. First and foremost, he is a well-known musician. A title that has earned him recognition as a signed recording artist with Mirror Records in Nashville, Tennessee. His debuting album, Honolulu Blue was released on July 2, 2011. Kelly was brought up in Southern California. His hometown played a big role in Gavin’s ambitions for wanting to become involved in the performing arts.

He has performed in musicals, TV shows, and even motion pictures.

Gavin’s latest accomplishment is landing the starring role in the original Amazon series called “The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown”.

Paula Purcell Kelly, Gavin’s partner, and co-host, is a historian and researcher. Together, the Kelly’s spend their time combing the country for certifiable verification of life after death.

The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown

The Kelly’s American based television series, The Paranormal Journey: Into The Unknown is all about the paranormal. The Amazon series first aired on the Halloween of 2017. This television series followed Gavin and Paula Kelly as they explored various ghostly settings. Their explorations included sites, such as deserted asylums, sanitariums, and mental hospitals.

The show is available for viewing through Season 1 of their show is available to watch for free through Amazon Prime. New episodes air Saturday nights on Amazon at 8 P.M./7 P.M. Central Time.

The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown shadows the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters. Phantasmic Ghost Hunters is simply the name of given to the paranormal investigative duo, country music star and historian turned ghost hunters, Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell-Kelly.

This original series is structured around the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters in search of discovering a way to appreciate what the real meaning of life after death is. Together, they search the most popular haunted sites in the United States. They search with the intention of either proving the claims to be false or to authenticate the claims by showcasing evidence of a haunted site.

The Phantasmic Ghost Hunters

The paranormal investigating duo has been searching across the United States for three years now. Traveling across states to seek answers to whether there is any truth to stories of haunted houses and life after death. The Kelley’s are based in Paducah, Kentucky, but you can see them traveling across the United States investigating the paranormal. They have traveled to such places at the St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia, the Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois, and the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Special Guests

The Wiregrass Haunts Radio Show, a podcast show on the WEBB Radio Network is pleased to have Gavin and Paula Kelly as our very special guests on Thursday, February 7, 2019. The show will air at 8 P.M./7 P.M. Central Time and finish at 10 P.M./9 P.M. Central Time.

Tune in to learn more about Gavin and Paula Kelly along with The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown. The show will also talk about what their investigations have uncovered. It is definitely going to be one of the most interesting ones aired to date, so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss it.