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Followers are the staple of any successful podcast and without it, your efforts are sure to beg off into the depths of obscurity. To avoid this slow and painful reality you need to be adept at a few skills that, when done correctly, can ensure your steady growth and success in the unforgiving industry that is entertainment.  To get ahead you need to QCP. That’s right; you need to turn up the intensity when it comes to quality, consistency, and promotion. Let’s take a closer look at the big three and see how they play a key role in your podcast success. First up is Quality.  Quality You can slap some lipstick on a pig and dress it in a Valentino original, there is no one in the room that would be convinced you came to the prom with a lady. There is a lot of entertainment out there and
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Everyone is talking about Instagram and LinkedIn lately. It does not seem like a fad. Facebook and Twitter, although still popping, seems to be the platforms of yesterday. Dan Misener is the head of audience development for a very large company. He expresses that when you are looking to raise your numbers, then you should be using Instagram and LinkedIn.  If you need to dive into your numbers, then you should check into SmartLinks. Dan offers this application to podcasters. It offers trackable URLs, shareable links, and routes genuine listeners to the producer’s podcast inside the listener’s favorite. Dan Misener had published a blog post that shows 29 percent of the clicks lead to show downloads. Records show that the platforms performed in this order:  LinkedIn: 29%Instagram: 25%Facebook: 8%Twitter: 6% As you can see by the numbers, it shows that Facebook and Twitter are way down in comparison to LinkedIn
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A Tribute to Jeff Cook

by Georgann R. Fohner

On November 8, 2022, the country music industry lost a legend. Jeff Cook was 73 years of age when he succumbed to complications of Parkinson’s Disease. 

Best known for his work with the country music band, Alabama, Jeffrey Alan Cook was a talented artist. He was popular for playing the piano, fiddle, guitar, and occasionally lead vocals with the band. 

A Star is Born

He was born in Fort Payne, Alabama. Jeffrey Alan Cook was a descendant of Native American and English heritage. He worked as a disc jockey while attending high school after earning his license in broadcast engineering shortly after turning 14 years of age. After graduating from Fort Payne High School, he attended Jacksonville State University.


In 1972, Jeff and his two cousins, Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry formed the band, Wildcountry. It was later renamed in 1977 to Alabama. Cook performed with the band as lead as well as back-up vocals. He also played the fiddle, keyboard, and lead guitar with the band. 

In 2004, when Alabama stopped performing and production, he formed and performed with Cook & Glenn and the Allstar Goodtime Band. 

Jeff Cook was also the founder of Cook Sound Studios, Inc. Established in his home town of Fort Payne, where he also started the WQRX-AM radio station.

Music was not Cook’s only talent. He was also recognized for his abilities in the culinary arts. He  ran a restaurant and sold his own special sauce.  

In 2008, Cook endorsed Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, as a presidential candidate. 

In 2019, Jeff Cook was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. In addition, Cook was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020. 

Awards Received as a Member of Alabama

On April 21, 1980, RCA records formed a contract in which the band Alabama agreed to and signed. A contract that would be the beginning of a fabulous career. Earning 21 albums both platinum and multi-platinum. Alabama also had 43 singles that reached the number one spot in addition to their over 78 million sold records. 

Alabama earned more than 150 awards within the country industry. These awards included 8 Country Music Association; 2 Grammys; Entertainer of the Year; and 2 People’s Choice Awards. The group Alabama even earned a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California. 

Alabama had its own style of music. Combining a combination of Country, Soul, and Rock-n-Roll to win, in 1989, Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music. 

Jeff Cook and the band Alabama became one of the twenty best-selling performers. Selling more records than The Beatles and Elvis combined. 

He earned the Orville H. Gibson Award from the Gibson Guitar Company, as Guitarist of the Year in 2001. Cook and his band Alabama did a farewell tour in 2003. Restoring his performance, and enthusiasm in which he returned to the stage with the All-star Goodtime Band. 

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