Wiregrass Haunts

Wiregrass Haunts Radio Show, with your hosts Stan Fikes and Teresa Fikes, listen as we enter into the world of the paranormal and discuss Paranormal Activity, Ghost, UFO's Bigfoot, Demons and anything related. We will have guests and, also, will be going on location to some of the South's most haunted places. Come join the fun!

Sweet Freakings

Head banging show full of fun, adult humor, indie rock/metal, and interviews with artists and bands. You will find fake commercials advertising for things like Boner-Be-Gone, jokes, and even a segment where Princess hones in her bitching skills to give Heather Marie a piece of her mind. Enjoyable, engaging, and down right hilarious; you’ll love your dose of Sweet Freakings.

Midnight at the Crossroads

Exploring: The Paranormal, Aliens, Reptilians, Demonology, Possession, Government Black operations UFOs Religious Miracles, Spells and Curses, Divination, The Afterlife and much more.

After Hours

After Hours AM is wondrous talk radio! With its mix of humor and profound mysteries, a talk radio experience you won’t forget! Wednesdays is True Crime Night, Thursdays is paranormal

webb radio mysteries explained

Mysteries Explained

Radio hosts of Mysteries Explained. Owners of Tucson Ghost Company, LLC. Founders and lead investigators of Tucson Ghost Society.


Spine-tingling adventures with interviews with UFO witnesses, scary short stories read by STL’s own Heather Marie, and so much more. Don’t forget the music! This show is geared towards the horror community, which refuses to acknowledge that Halloween only comes once a year. In the world of ScareFuge, Halloween and all things horror and paranormal are the normal.

Different Dimension

Different dimensions is a place where we explore any and everything that may be considered strange or different. We will discuss the supernatural, the Paranormal, different spiritual beliefs and practices, The Unexplained, Miracles and Magic. We are here to bring awareness and understanding to the many varieties of beliefs and Lifestyles, not to judge or condemn anything nor anyone.

Project 26

Project 26 is a podcast that seeks to define the world of the paranormal. Bringing together specialists in various aspects of the science behind what is our world, and what is not.

webb radio the work

The Work

Demonologist Leon Wilkes welcomes guests from all sides of the paranormal with emphasis on Demonology.