Supernatural Sponsorship



Supernatural Sponsorship: $3,000 per Month (Best Value for Marketing)


This is the Granddaddy of all the Sponsorship packages. How would you like to be everywhere The W.E.B.B. is? Supernatural Sponsorships are very limited and there can be no conflict of interest. For example, we cannot have two of the same type of businesses sponsoring the show. You are essentially part of The W.E.B.B.! (Also includes the Gold Advertising Package free!)


The Supernatural Sponsorship includes your brand melding with ours. You’re involved with everything we do. You’re there, whether it is just logos or if you would like to be included on any events we are holding or attending. We will go to your location and offer a live event. We will also offer a meet and greet session for your guests, and so much more. Becoming Partners on growing our businesses is the goal.

Your logo will be displayed with ours at every event, on every digital media, and more. Due to the magnitude of how connected you will be with (The W.E.B.B.), short term sponsorship contracts are not available with the Supernatural Sponsorship Package. It would be too unstable as a brand for both you and The W.E.B.B. The Supernatural Sponsorship Package is only available in a 6 or 12 month contract.