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When Downloads Matter Use These Social Media Platforms

Everyone is talking about Instagram and LinkedIn lately. It does not seem like a fad. Facebook and Twitter, although still popping, seems to be the platforms of yesterday. Dan Misener is the head of audience development for a very large company. He expresses that when you are looking to raise your numbers, then you should be using Instagram and LinkedIn. 

If you need to dive into your numbers, then you should check into SmartLinks. Dan offers this application to podcasters. It offers trackable URLs, shareable links, and routes genuine listeners to the producer’s podcast inside the listener’s favorite. Dan Misener had published a blog post that shows 29 percent of the clicks lead to show downloads. Records show that the platforms performed in this order: 

  1. LinkedIn: 29%
  2. Instagram: 25%
  3. Facebook: 8%
  4. Twitter: 6%

As you can see by the numbers, it shows that Facebook and Twitter are way down in comparison to LinkedIn and Instagram. However, it should be noted that there are other factors when it comes to showing download numbers. People are far more likely to download a generalized show about parenting versus a show about lamps. Think of the scope of the subject before you put your numbers against another show in another niche. 

You will need to measure your past performances to identify different channels that may be better for your type of show. You can use this specific data to tune in your existing ad campaigns, and even estimate your potential audiences. This will be based on the reach of your social media channels that you are already using. It is also important to note that media buyers should use the data to determine how effective the campaign is. The campaign’s performance is important when it deals with audiences

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