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Episode 290 Paranormal Buffet w Sena Dyksman

Dave is still under the weather, but special guest host psychic-medium Sena Dyksman joins Mike for this episode for the first edition of The Paranormal Buffet! What is the Paranormal Buffet! It’s where Sena is given all the power to pick and choose whatever paranormal topics she wants to talk about!

But first, on this week’s listener e-mails, Sena and Mike answer the question as to whether someone can get into a fistfight with a ghost, who is right when it comes to the afterlife, spirituality or science, and is there such a thing as a “calling” to the paranormal? It’s these stories and more in this week’s mailbag!

If you have any questions/stories you’d like Mike and Dave to answer on the show, please send your messages to or DM to any of their social media pages!