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Episode 291 – Time Travel with Psychic-Sena Dyksman

While Dave is still recovering from being sick, special guest co-host Sena Dyksman returns to discuss the topic of Time Travel and why it seems a lot of people are time jumping lately!

But first! Sena and Michael hit the mailbag for another week of listener stories and questions! In this episode, what did a couple witness in their home? What exactly is that cold chill that runs down your back? And what the hell was going on during a late night walk to the store for a couple of teenagers? These stories and more in this week’s Mailbag!The special Valentines’ Day episode is quickly approaching, so if you have any great love stories, great horror love stories, or just want to get the advice from the Relationship Doctor (Michael), please send your messages to or DM them to any of the show’s social media pages!